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School Visits 

Live School Visit Program 

Jack regularly visits schools to meet students face-to-face and talk to them about reading, writing,and drawing. He lives in Litchfield, New Hampshire and is available to visit schools throughout New England during the school year. Jack is open to visiting schools anywhere in the world. Contact him to discuss availability and travel arrangements.

     Reading program

Maximum 200 students per program for grades K-4.

  • A reading of any of Jack's children's books with the text and illustrations projected on a screen for easy visibility by all students.

  • An informative and interactive discussion of the topics of each book that is based on grade-level reading standards. 

  • A discussion of the process of writing a fiction children's book.

  • A question-and-answer period.

  • Book signings. 

  • A live Illustration demonstration 

  • 4 hard covered books of mine will be donated to the library.                                                                                                                     Rates for a live school visit program 

  • See grade level and maximum student number requirements listed above.

  • All day visit at one school: Includes 4-5 60-minute reading program and book signing. $550 plus travel expenses.

  • Schools near each other can split a day into separate morning and afternoon visits. Each school's visit includes two 45-minute programs (see maximum student numbers above) and book signings. $275 per school plus travel expenses.                                                                                                                            To schedule a school visit with Jack, contact him at:                                                                                                          

Feedback about me and my presentation. 

"My son and his classmates really enjoyed this book. His favorite part is the making of the cake for Rhio's grandmother. It is a nice story about making things right when something goes wrong. The graphics are fun and the use of local landmarks throughout the story is a nice touch for our small town. I bought 7 of these books (1 for each classroom and our library) and had John come and read the story to the kids. The kids really enjoyed to story and the graphics (and the large cardboard cutouts of Rhio and his friends). In addition, the older kids got to learn more about the writing process and developing their ideas for stories." 

                                                                                             -Marie, St Francis school, Litchfield, NH

"Mr. Jack Curtin is a role model for young writer's and his visit was engaging for students in our school. The props and interactions he shared with the audience made the story come alive in a fun way."                                                                         

                                             -Daniel, Principal, Richard Maghakian Memorial School, Brookline, NH



"Great story about friendship and doing the right thing! My 4th graders enjoyed listening to the story and the positive messages throughout!" 

                                                                                   -Cynthia, Windham Center School, Windham, NH  


"The quartet of literary accomplishments includes enticing stories with positive messages and a cast of animal characters rendered by Jack in vivid colors"

                                                                                           - The Nashua Telegraph 

"Jack had two a amazing presentations for the Salisbury Elementary School students.He was extremely animated, engaging, knowledgeable and captivated the student audience with sensory activities. He introduced his books, his character friends and the journey that took him to be a writer, author, and illustrator. He is an amazing young man who is focused, driven, passionate and driven for someone his age. He is a great role model not only for our students but for his generation and everyone who meets him. I would recommend him to speak to students young and old. 

                - Lillian Chalifour, Library Media Specialist, Salisbury Elementary School, Salisbury, MA

Bethlehem Elementary School was lucky to spend a morning with author and illustrator, Jack Curtin. Jack entertained our students in three groups: grades PreK-2, grades 3 and 4, and grades 5 and 6. He was able to adjust each presentation to match the interest level for each group. Our PreK-2 students loved the books he has written. He then talked with our older kids about the writing process from animation to story boards to the necessity of revision. I also think hearing all of this from a 21 year old especially inspired our older students. I highly recommend a visit to your school!

                                          -Susan Greenlaw, Interim Student Services Coord./Guidance Counselor,                                                                                       Bethlehem Elementary School, Bethlehem, NH

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